On April 28, 2001, I finally married the former commitment-phobe with the quick wit, crooked smile and gorgeous blue eyes. It’s been TEN YEARS and I love him more each day. I’d get way too sentimental and sappy if I wrote all the ways that I love, respect, admire and appreciate him, so instead I’m posting some pictures of our 14.75 years together (including dating). I could not have dreamed up a more amazing and blessed life than the two of us are living right now. He is a wonderful husband, an amazing father and such a hard worker. Happy anniversary, Babe! I love you always.


This was taken just weeks after we started dating. I can tell because of my eyebrows and his hair cut. Did I mention 4.75 years of dating?!

That meant quite a few school dances…

Our engagement picture.

The big day! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years.

He looks exactly the same!

Honeymoon in Hawaii.

Grad school for Dr. Tompkins. He said on this day that I should call him Doctor. That joke lasted for 11 months, at which time I graduated and insisted he call me Master.

Christmases with just the 2 of us.Europe.

New York City.

Then the real adventure began…

Baby #1

Baby #2

Imperfect and happy…ever after.