I’m so honored that God has opened the door in the past few years to opportunities to teach God’s Word. I have a passion for connecting with other women and encouraging them in their roles and their walk with the Lord. Often when I study Scripture, it will speak to me in a brand new way, and I just want to grab the next person I see and shake them by the shoulders and say “Listen to this!  Can you believe this?!”  Fortunately, I’ve learned to share my excitement about the Bible without shaking too many people, and I have found great joy in speaking and teaching about how God’s Word impacts our daily lives.  I’ve had the opportunity to teach at women’s events all over the Pacific Northwest.

I would love to connect with you if you have an event coming up, and are looking for someone to relate to your group in authentic ways, while still communicating the unchanging Truths of God’s Word.  

deep understanding of god's word

Jen has an incredible gift of making people feel valued and important.

Jen came and spoke at our women’s retreat recently and I can not say enough about how incredible it was!  She had a deep understanding of God’s word as she walked with us through Scripture.  She was funny and encouraging and inspirational.  Jen not only brought us truth through the Scripture but she was intentional about spending time with and getting to know the women who were there.  Jen has an incredible gift of making people feel valued and important. 

Aimee VanderVeen–Pastor at Edgewater Fellowship Church

3-4 messages


A verse by verse study of the book of Philippians.  Paul says he has learned the secret to being content, and Jen digs into this book with listeners to learn more about the secret of having joy in all circumstances.

a living faith

The book of James is full of practical instruction for believers in how to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  Jen highlights important themes from the book written by the brother of Jesus, including joy in suffering, controlling the tongue, and the importance of our actions matching our profession of faith.

my only aim

In Acts 20:24, Paul summarizes his life’s goal: to die to himself and spend his whole life testifying to the good news of Jesus Christ.  Jen breaks down this verse, connecting it with other passages in the New Testament, so we can apply his singular focus to our own lives.

Stand Alone Messages

  • Ephesians 6 and the Sword of the Spirit
  • Cultivating Joy in Marriage (Sex and Intimacy)
  • Moms in the Fray–Living at the End of our Rope
  • Steadfast–How the Lord is steadfast, and how we CAN be.

Funny and real

"Jen has an incredible gift to go past the surface and right to the heart of a person.

I’ve had the joy of hearing Jen teach at multiple retreats and events, have watched the longevity of her ministry to women, and have read every single one of her blog and social media posts over the years. The Jen I am honored to know in real life translates exactly as herself to her writing and speaking. Jen, in any form, is a gift. She has an incredible gift to go past the surface and right to the heart of a person. Each time I’ve heard her speak or read her writing, Jen’s use of humor and sincerity is like that every real life interaction with her—she plops herself down with warmth, sets aside pretense and gets to the heart of the matter. I trust her with my own vulnerability as well as with the open ears, minds, and hearts of the women I minister to and with.

Jill Nelson–Associate Pastor, The Grove Albany

verse by verse teaching style

“Jen’s whole message pointed us to deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus.”

“As a Retreat Team, it was very important to us that we had a Godly woman with a genuine passion for Jesus and women. Jen was extremely easy to work with. She walked us through a verse-by-verse study of the book of Philippians and spoke from her heart with honesty and transparency while sharing about the secret of being content and having joy in all circumstances. Her whole message was just what we needed to hear. It pointed us to a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus. Our women enjoyed her so much that we invited her to speak at our next women’s retreat.”

Sheila Michelson–Retreat Coordinator, Greater Portland Bible Church