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Hi there!  I’m Jen, and I’m so glad you are here!  My passion is to encourage women, especially moms, through laughter and God’s Word (yep, they can go together) to find deeper joy and contentment in their daily lives. 

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"Jen's writing has been medicine for my own weary heart."

Jen is one of the most relatable, witty, and real writers you’ll read. Whether the subject is serious or sarcastic, she makes readers feel hopeful about both the best–and best forgotten–parts of parenting, faith, and life. Her words have a way of making even those from the most different of backgrounds feel understood in their shared experiences, embarrassments, struggles, and successes. Multiple times, her writing has been medicine for my own weary heart.

JEnnifer KNight--former Editor of POrtland Moms Blog

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5 Summer Prayers for a Tired Mom

These prayers were written for a weary mama during a loooong summer break.  But they are useful and applicable in every season!  Especially for you mamas with a bunch of kids around all the livelong day.  Click below to download Jen’s summer prayers for a tired mom.  Print them out and put them around your house to remind you to keep your eyes fixed on the Lord when you want to quit!


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