We have a cute book (that you probably have too) about Ladybug Girl. I noticed after the first 10 readings or so that Sydney had started to try to copy the facial expressions of the main character as we were reading (which are drawn really well, I think). I pointed it out and when she realized that it amused me, she continued and hammed it up and now we can’t read it without her stopping at each page to show me how she’s making the same look with her eyes, hands, tongue, etc. On a whim this afternoon, I decided to try to capture it. Sorry some of the pics are a little fuzzy.


First, I’ll show you the illustration… …then the copycat!
This one is her fave:

Pointing= see? Open mouth smile like Lulu.

Hello, Crazy Eyes!

Carson saw what we were doing and decided to get in on the action…

So I guess he’s Bumblebee Boy!