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My friends from BCC are home safely. A friend shared a video of their homecoming at PDX that–surprise!–had me in tears again. Especially sweet Freedom, who has young kids just a little older than mine, probably blissfully unaware of the immense danger their mommy was in. So, thank you again, Lord! The ministry with whom they were serving, Lifeline, is still on the ground in Haiti and has a huge presence. They have been ministering there for years and are very well established. See their website here to find out how you can help. Soon I hope to post pictures of when I was in Haiti with Lifeline 15 years ago!

Our friend Kristen Howerton, whom you all prayed for so diligently this week, has been incredibly busy since she got home! She and her husband are waging a major grassroots effort to encourage the government here in the US to step in and provide humanitarian parole for their Haitian son, Keenan, and other Haitian orphans who have not been brought to the US because of lengthy bureaucratic red tape. Haitian politics and infrastructure are close to non-existent–on a GOOD, pre-earthquake day. Now the files are at the bottom of a building that is in rubble. Kristen and Mark have been interviewed by local media and today by CNN! They are asking help from ANYONE to please contact the government personally and request the release of these Haitian orphans to the US homes that are ready and waiting for them. This will also free up space in the orphanages for more Haitian children.

If you feel like doing something to help the citizens of Haiti, this is something tangible and FREE. Please check out Kristen’s blog post: Operation Get Him Home to get specifics on how to send letters to our officials. You can also help Keenan’s orphanage at http://www.haiti-relief.com/.