Kristen is HOME! So, so thankful for that. Be looking to the links on the right, as I’m sure that once she has detoxed from this traumatic event, she’ll blog about some of it.

Also, I just read on Facebook that it seems there has been some sort of tentative communication from the ground in Haiti that my friends from Beaverton Christian were put on a flight out of Haiti. It sounds like it may be similar to the one Kristen was on–possibly a cargo plane, probably couldn’t take any luggage, and no one knows where they will be flying to or even if they were able to stay together. Once again, I request your prayers for them as they begin what is hopefully the last leg in this harrowing journey.

My special friends that are in that group are Jan, Vicki, Freedom, Ellen and Shari. Can’t wait to hear from Jan’s husband that they are safe in Oregon!

Thank you for being supportive and understanding of my constant need to write about this situation in Haiti. God is just placing all these people in my heart so constantly this week, and I feel that by getting word out to anyone reading this, I’m helping in a small way by getting more prayers on their behalf. A big thank you, especially, to all who commented your prayers and support to Kristen’s blog. I’m sure it was encouraging to her and I know it was to me!