It’s been an intense week, as I’ve obviously been pretty emotionally wrapped up in the situation in Haiti. Please continue to read Kristen Howerton’s Blog to get updates on the progress being made towards humanitarian parole and any way we can all help them. The squeaky wheel is getting some grease!
Also, I strongly recommend you continue to follow Tara and Troy Livesay’s blog. She is a wonderful writer and they are the middle of the crisis doing amazing work in Christ’s name. She gives horrific stories and signs of hope as well as specific ways to pray. Please read.
But here’s a few lighthearted Carson moments from around here. First, Carson got ahold of my camera the other night when I was having a conversation with my MIL on the phone. It was not really that serious of a conversation, but I needed to concentrate on calendar details and Carson was distracting me with the camera in my face:

He also took an incredibly flattering self-photo.

Here’s some recent Carsonisms:
Out of the blue: Mom, they shouldn’t be called “cowboys” they should be called “horseboys” because they don’t ride cows.
When she was watching the kids the other day, my mom explained to Carson what “number 1” and “number 2” are. It actually surprised me that we had missed this basic code. After he learned this new vocab, he taught her a new one:
Carson: Jojo, I know what Number 3 is.
Jojo: You do? What?
Carson: Diarrhea.
Trent likes to sing around the house. A lot. I will not elaborate on the quality of his vocal ability, but let my son’s response give you an idea. Trent was in the middle of one of his usual tunes and Carson abruptly paused what he was doing and held his hand out to Trent in the universal sign for STOP.
Somewhere along the way, Carson has picked up the “trash talk” phrase of “You wanna piece of me?!” But he has always said “You wanna piece of MEAT?” Then the other day we were playing around and he jokingly said:
“You wanna piece of meat? Huh?! You want TWO PIECES OF MEAT?!”