So, I feel like I have used this blog on many occasions to rant/share my frustrations with my challenging son. And while I have many more of those type of tear-my-hair-out stories that I could post, I thought I’d give you a couple goodies.

First, Carson’s preschool teacher, Mrs. M, told Daddy today that Carson has “such a sweet spirit” and is doing wonderfully in class. HOORAY! It HAS only been 2 weeks, but still. I’LL TAKE IT!

Second, this morning when he was leaving for school, Carson was giving Sydney a kiss and he took her hand and kissed her palm. He said “Now when you get sad, you put it to your cheek like this and say ‘Carson loves me, Carson loves me, Carson loves me.'” For those of you who have read The Kissing Hand, you’ll know this is an exercise that mommy and Chester racoon do when Chester is worried about leaving her to go to school. I loved that he did it for his sister!

Third, and this one happened on a day when he was an absolute PILL, we were in the backyard close to dinnertime, and he picked up a dandelion. You know, the kind that kids love b/c you can make a wish and blow the whisps all over the yard and adults love because those little whisps are planting weeds all over your yard. Well, he picked it up and, not knowing I was listening, he said “I wish…for mommy kisses for the rest of my life!” I said with a smile, “What did you wish for?” And he answered sheepishly, “I wished you would kiss me for the rest of my life.” STOP IT! I melted in a little puddle right there on the deck! When I composed myself and stopped sniffling, I went over and gave him a bear hug and plenty of those kisses he wished for.