Say it a little louder. Canada didn’t hear you.

I tried to find a generic photo for this post, but there wasn’t a photo of a child with a megaphone large enough to do it justice!
You see, in the last week, we’ve had 2 incidents where Carson, completely innocently, has LOUDLY commented on another person’s appearance in public. And you all know there’s no way he was saying something like, “Mommy, that lady is so beautiful!” or “What a trendy scarf!” No, no. As kids do, he notices things that are unusual or–to his mind–comical.
These weren’t the first 2, but the 2 from last week:
“WHOA! That man’s nose is REALLY big! It’s SO FUNNY!”
(Man was returning a cart at COSTCO at the same parking lot cart return where we were slowly loading up, so he was approx 5 feet away and surely heard. He did, in fact, have an unusually large nose.) I said, “Oh, OK. Well that’s not nice to point at people. Can you not do that, please?”
What do I do?!
“That guy’s stomach is SO BIG! It’s falling over his pants!”
Fortunately, this one was made in the car regarding a passerby, so Trent and I exchanged looks of chagrin and worry, because it was loud and emphatic, and could easily have happened right next to the man.
Not being super-prepared for the teachable moment, I stumbled something out about how God makes people of all sizes, shapes, colors, heights, etc., & that each person is special, blah, blah, blah. Then I said that if he wants to show me something interesting about a person, he needs to whisper it quietly, because…uh, it may make that person feel sad if they think we are laughing at them.
What do I do?!
I let it go, so as not to make a huge deal out of it, but realized this is something that might be happening more often as Carson’s language and observation skills are improving.
OK, so parents, what have you said to your kids to minimize these moments? (Because, let’s be honest, they are GOING to happen.)