For several years we have had the opportunity to get away for one weekend each spring with my side of the family. It started at Black Butte when a friend gifted us a weekend there several times in a row. At that time it was just my parents, Mike & Becky, and Trent & me. The location has changed a few times, and the schedule is very different now three kids, but we still have a great time, watch movies, eat a lot of food and laugh. Hard. 🙂 This year Mike & Becky gifted us with this weekend in Lincoln City. Here’s some pics:


Sydney putting on her shy/giggly face for Mommy.

One of my favorite things in the world is when she snuggles her cheek up against mine. I love it!

2 Daddies walking on the beach with their babies: one front pack and one back pack.

Jack in the back pack. Carson likes to call him JackyJack.

Syd & Daddy.

My pretty girl!

My sis. Not by blood, but close enough.

The 2 crazy kids that started this family!

Ah, the classic game of human airplane.

This one is from my POV. I love his facial expression!

I even took a little video…

We also have another tradition of borrowing a projector and connecting it to the laptop/video console (this time it was the Wii), bringing some speakers and having a HUGE screen on the wall to watch movies and play games. We played quite a bit of Wii Fit this weekend, and Carson was very good at the running. It made me laugh every time!