He makes me scream, cry, pull my hair out, practice my deep, calming breathing more than I’ve ever needed to in my life and drink my weight in coffee each day, but he really does make me laugh!
When he was really little, we were told many times that boys will make a gun out of just about anything–sticks, brooms, etc. That is true, but he will also make a microphone or megaphone out of just about anything. Including certain pieces of baby gear that may be lying around the house. Here he’s yelling “HEY EVERYBODY!”

The other night when he was taking a bath we were singing songs and it became quite clear that he knows approximately 2 words to this song. The words he knows? “YES, SIR!” I wanted to be creative and type the Carson version in text at the bottom of the screen, but that would take to much time. See if you can decipher his lyrics!