Isn’t blogging so cool? I mean, I remember thinking that blogging was for geeks and political nutjobs. Now, it is a fairly low-maintenance way for me to keep in touch with so many friends–old and new. It is also a way for me to document our day-to-day lives–I’m working on getting it a little more permanent than a web page. My Dad wrote letters to my brother and I throughout our childhood and gave the notebooks to us on our 18th birthdays. It was so cool to be able to see what he was thinking at different times in our childhoods. I want to do things that will help my kids understand how much I love them–even if that means writing about how much they drive me crazy! 🙂

ANYWAY, I digress. The most recent friend blogging has brought me in touch with is a childhood friend, Carrie Leigh, who tagged me to do this little project.

Go to your pictures folder, open the 4th folder and post the 4th picture.

This is a picture of Carson at my parents (then) new house in S. They hadn’t moved in yet and we were living there at the time. I remember getting that blue jacket for him at Old Navy for like $3.

If I understand the next portion correctly, I’m supposed to now confess about whom I blogstalk. Hmm…I do some bloghopping, but I have quite a few links (some of whom I’ve met through friends’ blogs!) over to the right that I keep quite busy staying updated on them. I don’t know if I’ve commented on the Bakers (but I think they know I visit) or Edmistons, which I visit occasionally.
I don’t know who to tag, so I’ll say: Steph, Becky, Jenna & Sarah, as well as the ones whose names I see a lot on my blogroll: Kristi, Heidi, Diane, Lisa, Rory, Dionne & Jess B.
I also want to say Happy Birth Day to Peyton, who will be born tomorrow via C-section!