I am going to attempt to script 2 conversations for you.
Convo #1. Last Tuesday. Me, Hubby and sis-in-law at the house.

Jen: Yeah, Trent’s going to take the kids on Saturday so I can have a girls night.
Tara: Are you taking Sydney?
Jen: Nope!
Tara: Wow! So Trent’s going to have them overnight?
Trent: [in an exaggerated mocking & sarcastic voice] Oh no! Oh dear! The children’s father is going to attempt to care for them without the mother for 24 hours! Oh my! However are they going to survive with only Trent who works with children for a living? Call child protection services! Oooooo!”
Convo #2. Saturday evening. I’m crammed in the car with four other mommies and no kids. On our way to shop, dinner and movie. Blissful and giddy. Decide to make #2 of my 3 maximum permitted check-in calls.

Jen: “Hey, Babe! How was the zoo?….Oh good……OH yeah? …..Why, what happened? [big smile starts creeping onto my face]….Oh no! [smile continues, false sympathy thinly veiled] Oh, no. She did? [Girls looking at me to try to figure out what’s happening.]….Awwww, I’m so sorry! I can’t believe Sydney had a poopy blow-out in the parking lot! That’s such a bummer…..you had to change her on the hood of the car?! I know, that sucks…..OH no! [now trying to hide my giggling, give the girls a thumbs-up]…then Carson threw up all over himself in the carseat and you had to clean it up and change his clothes at the transit center?! Awwww……I’m so sorry, Babe! [shake my head and roll my eyes at girls to convey my true level of sorrow]…..oh….uh-huh…..You are awesome Babe. [this time I am sincere.] You’re right. You are. You are SuperDad. Where are you going now?…… Oh? You’re going to your Mommy’s house for help? [give the girls a knowing nod] Well, have a great time….”

In all seriousness, it was so great of the hubbies to take the kids for us. (Plus, Carson and Syd both were up numerous times at night! No. That was not a smile on my face as I typed that.) Becky, Sarah, Steph, Jenna and I had an Uppercase Living party together, then a wonderful evening out and a lazy morning in. (Plus, Jenna made us a deluxe breakfast! woohoo!) Thank you, hubbies!