We’ve entered into a window of time in the ages of our kiddos that is refreshing. Really, it is Sydney’s age that is the window, as she is changing so quickly. She’s old enough now (almost 5 months) that she’s not SO very fragile. I don’t–and she doesn’t–flinch EVERY time Carson comes bounding over. He’s still very intense and often too rough with her, but their encounters rarely end with her crying out of pain or fear as they have previously.
In fact, she ADORES him! She watches him constantly. I can see why he would be more interesting than the other humans in the house; after all, he NEVER STOPS moving, bouncing, jumping, yelling, spinning, swinging, crawling, bucking (as in bucking bronco), climbing, dancing, shaking, etc.
SO, he is interesting to her, and she is still an afterthought for him. She’s not crawling into his space, not grabbing for his toys, not climbing on him….yet! He can pay attention to her when he wants and do his own thing without interuption when he wants. But OH does he love his baby sister! When he sets his mind to making her giggle, he stops at nothing to accomplish this goal–which usually doesn’t take long.
Here are some pictures of yesterday morning. Love, love, LOVE THEM!

I don’t know if YOU can tell, but I can tell that this is not just mid-laugh, but mid belly laugh!And these are from a few days ago.

I had to capture Syd’s new skids.

And I am SO bummed that this pic is blurry, because I love their expressions. Well, it’s not frame worthy, but it’s blog-worthy!