I can’t even tell you how crazy I am about my baby girl. I just want to eat her up. Her little bald head, gorgeous blue eyes and funky little Carson ears! Love it all. But the last couple of weeks, she went from being a fabulous sleeper–day and night, to waking up several times a night. (Side story–before I had kids, my close friends would mock me, saying that I was going to go insane when the sleep-deprivation of motherhood hit. They were not mistaken. It is–without a doubt–the hardest part of parenting for me, because it affects all other areas of parenting and my life. ) So, this new schedule my little birdy has been keeping at all hours of the night is not good. Not good at all. I’m DYING! I talked to the doc about her sudden switch, and he said she’s probably hungry. She’s a little scrawny and probably going through a growth spurt. He said we should consider putting her on solids. NOOOOOOOO!!!
For some reason, I was totally dragging my feet on this. Partly because it is a big milestone for babies, and I still think of her as my helpless infant whose needs only I can supply. And also, because I’ve been there before, and I know how much work it is to start solids. But I decided I will try anything to help the sleeping. (Plus, I hate the thought of her being hungry!) So last night was the big night! Rice cereal con breast milk ala carte. As per usual, my philosophy on photodocumentation is: more is more. I’m not satisfied unless you, my blog readers, feel as though you were sitting there with me, fighting off the big brother from grabbing the camera, making googoogaga noises at the baby and wishing you hadn’t put cookies in the oven approximately 7 minutes ago.
First little taste…
Not sure why you are putting this stick-thing in my mouth….

Huh?! What is this crap? Why are you doing this to me?

Maybe if Carson tries she will like it? (Except he stuck the spoon so far back she started gagging.)

This one is blurry, but the expression is priceless. Those are her “angry eyes.”

And back to the usual, laid-back Syd. Babe, you’ve got a little somehing. Right….there. No, there. Uh, just forget about it.
I love how her feet always flex when she’s in this bumbo thingy. Hee!
This is Miss Syd this morning. She is going with Carson and Daddy to the zoo! (We have to call it the “Z double O” in our house until the hour before departure because it sends of fireworks of excitement that are too crazy to handle.) I’m getting a much-needed girls day/night away, and Trent is on daddy-duty. He’s pretty cocky about it, which is actually good, because now I don’t worry if things will get too crazy. (In fact, I secretly hope things will get too crazy!) Plus, I’m going to sleep ALL NIGHT. Have fun, Daddy!