**Post-edit** Thank you all for your good suggestions and kind offers in the comments! I do want to clarify, in case our aquaintances ever stumble onto the blog, that they did attempt to return it. The miscommunication was that they left it at the church and we didn’t know that. Then the church didn’t know whose it was and so they sold it in a garage sale raising money for missions. So, it went to a good cause, the couple did not make a profit. 🙂 Back to the original post….
For ONCE, I will shorten a long story for you. We got an awesome baby backpack when Carson was born. We didn’t know what we were doing when we registered and just stumbled onto a great one that the Bowders and Kolodges got us. Then last summer, we loaned it to a couple we we barely knew and have only seen in passing since. Many months afterwards, there was a miscommunication when we discussed returning the backpack, and we found out a few weeks later that yada, yada, yada….it was sold at a church garage sale. 🙁 If I think about it too much, I get almost sick with disappointment, so I just have to let it go. Here’s a pic of Carson at 9 months in the pack with Bapah Roy.

ANYWAY, we need to register for a new one, and I can’t find the same one. It was a Snugli brand. I would love to hear from anyone about baby/toddler backpacks that they have/like/don’t like so we can make an educated decision. We use it for walking/hiking/camping. Thanks!