My side of the family has made it kind of a tradition to try to do a weekend getaway each spring. It has usually been to Black Butte, due to a friendly gift of free rental house, but this year it was at Pacific City on the coast…due to a friendly gift of free rental house. We really look forward to these trips every year, because by now we have a predictable and enjoyable pattern: LOTS of food, lots of movies, lots of reading, lots of sleeping, plenty of outdoor exercise for Mike and Trent, and a decent amount of outdoor exercise for the rest of us. Of course, having kids has change up our pattern some, but their addition has made up in fun what it has taken in relaxation.
Evidently, I was having such a good time that I forgot I had a camera and took hardly any pictures. Have you noticed that after you have kids you suddently have NO pictures of adults? (Unless they are holding children.) So here’s just a few.
One of the highlights of this weekend for us was getting to spend extended time with Jack, our nephew. Carson was really looking forward to this and Jack didn’t disappoint. Carson constantly wanted to know where Jack was and what he was doing. He was (mostly) a big helper and fetched pacifiers, burp rags and toys so we didn’t have to get up. It cracked us up to see the way Carson would get up into Jack’s face and talk in voices that I’m sure he’s witnessed through us. He said things in high-pitched voices like “Hi sweetie! Hi! Hi!” or “I love you! Yes! Yes!” I did hear myself say “Gentle. Gentle! GENTLE!” several dozen times, but it was all really good experience for when he gets his own baby here 24 hours a day. Here’s a pic of when Carson got to help feed Jack. Jack is either looking at me lovingly or for help.
Both boys first thing in the morning.
The one solitary picture that turned out on a GORGEOUS weekend at the beach!
Gma and Gpa were pretty much in heaven with this little guy!
OK, seriously, it was dang cute.