Sometimes I don’t know if it’s technically correct to classify something as a “craving” when it is a food that I like even when I’m not pregnant. However, this is something kind of unique that was sitting in my cupboard for 7 months untouched, until several weeks ago when I got it out. Since then, I have had to purchase 2 new bottles. We found an inexpensive, low-fat ice cream from Safeway, and I cover it with Magic Shell, the chocolate syrup that hardens on your ice cream. I bought some last summer when I made some yummy ice cream/brownie sandwiches, and I found out that Magic Shell (or an equivalent) comes in Reese’s and Heath flavors. HELLO!? Also, confession: part of the reason I’m writing about it is that we are all out of ice cream and I’m wanting it. I wonder if you can put Magic Shell on apple slices? Or wheat thins? I’ll let you know.