• Why I Won’t Tell You About My Son’s “Real Mom”

    I have three kids, and only two of them grew in my tummy.  Our youngest son, Asher, was born in Thailand and joined our family through adoption when he was 22 months old.  Our adoption journey has been amazing, challenging, beautiful and heartbreaking.  It is a big part of our family’s story, and yet most […]

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  • Refined in the fire with every poopy diaper.

    2020 Tompkins family

    (I originally wrote this a few years ago when I had someone in poopy diapers but the sentiment still fits.) This weekend Trent and I were able to join over 1,000 adoptive and foster parents at the Refresh conference near Seattle.  It was a great weekend, spending time together with no kids and connecting with […]

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  • Called to Love 2014

    Last year after the very first Called to Love Retreat, I wrote in a blog post: “This little ministry is definitely my thing.  Not MY thing meaning I own it, but rather it’s the thing for me.  The perfect task for my gifts and passion.  I have not been so exhausted emotionally and physically in […]

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  • IMHO: lose the rescue mentality.

    *I’m doing a short series to highlight and process some things I’ve learned in our adoption process.  I’m calling it IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), because I’m not a professional, I’m not proposing my opinion is always the right one or the only one, and I’m even saving room for the possibility in the future […]

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