Do you guys remember the old commercials for Reese’s PB Cups from the 80’s?  download The premise was: who was the first person who combined chocolate and peanut-butter?  Because it changed the world as we know it.  I think in one of the scenes, some guys tried the combo and said “Hey, let’s go tell our friend Noah about this!  Nah.  We’ll wait until it stops raining.”  GET IT?!   I know, it’s not a knee-slapper, but here I am remembering it 30 years later, so it was clever enough for a 7 year old, I guess.

The passion I feel for Reese’s (especially Pieces) pales in comparison to the way I feel about today’s Friday Favorite.  When I heard through the grapevine about this special mission, my eyes got big and my pulse began to race.  I needed to know more.  As I am involved in my daily life, especially on social media, I encounter literally dozens of opportunities each DAY for me to support a “cause” in some way or another.  I know you do too.  They are asking for my attention, my time, my prayers, my money, or my circle of influence.  I have learned in the past several years to be more deliberate about how I invest my support.  My husband and I have focused in a few areas and ministries that, for whatever reason, God has stirred in our hearts more than others.  It doesn’t mean they are better than any other, it just means that we’re narrowing our focus.

Many of you know that one of those areas of focus for us it to find ways to support ministries that fight human trafficking.   We obviously love helping children find forever families through adoption, but we also are intentional on finding ministries that work towards family preservation, or “orphan prevention” around the world.  And without a doubt, our hearts are forever and always tied to the beautiful country of Thailand, the birthplace of our boy.

So you can imagine my “peanut butter and chocolate” moment, when I found out about a couple who have been so captured by Jesus’ heart for trafficked children that they are moving their entire family to THAILAND to work with an organization committed to rescuing children from trafficking in that country.  

Please meet the Besk family!besk

It was like two of the biggest pulls on my heart collided and tied a nice little knot right on this beautiful family.   This family, who are no strangers to heartbreak.  This father, who happens to have years of experience as an investigator to make him amazingly suited for the challenging ground work of rescuing children. This mother, who loves her children so much that she is choosing not to keep them safely protected in the suburbs of American life, but is allowing the discomfort and sacrifices necessary to save the lives of other children.  She is teaching them that every life is valuable and worthy and in need of redeeming.  You are.  He is. She is. We are.

I would love for you to check out Cat’s blog post about their decision to move to Thailand, about their fundraising needs, and also the ministry they will be working with, ZOE.  Be praying about whether or not you might be able to support the Besks in any way, large or small.

You can also read about our experience in Thailand, when I came face-to-face with a young woman whom I am convinced was being held against her will.  That moment was the first thing I thought of when I read Cat’s explanation of why they are going all the way to Thailand to do this important work.  Her answer: “This is where our hearts have been broken.”

Praise God for broken hearts, surrendered to Jesus’ work. Praying for you, Besk family!