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  • Refined in the fire with every poopy diaper.

    2020 Tompkins family

    (I originally wrote this a few years ago when I had someone in poopy diapers but the sentiment still fits.) This weekend Trent and I were able to join over 1,000 adoptive and foster parents at the Refresh conference near Seattle.  It was a great weekend, spending time together with no kids and connecting with […]

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  • Change the Testimony

    Little Jen in t-ball uniform.

    When I was in a high school, I was big time into “Youth Group.”  That’s what we called church for teenagers back then. Partly because it was expected by my parents and partly because I actually liked it, I attended every Sunday morning worship service, every retreat, every camp.  It was my jam for most […]

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  • Friday Favorites: Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

    I haven’t done a book review for Friday Favorites since last fall, and I’ve got a GOOD one!   I’ve been writing the review up in my head since the first few pages, and I devoured the rest of the book in just a few sittings.  I like it so much that I’m giving away a copy! […]

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  • Friday Favorites: how to shine.

    Ok, I have a little secret.  It’s a secret and it’s something that no one really talks about in the Church.  I feel like a lot of you are going to judge me when I tell it to you.  So, please show grace. I have a favorite book of the Bible. THERE, I said it! […]

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  • I Surrender…Some

    Is it just me?  Do you have certain problems in your life, and in the daytime they are bothersome, but at night they are LIFE SHATTERING?  I have such insomnia due to over-thinking that I have certainly lost weeks worth of sleep.  Usually I fall asleep just fine, but if I am awoken for any reason (usually […]

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  • Friday Favorites: My Heart-pulls Collide

    Do you guys remember the old commercials for Reese’s PB Cups from the 80’s?   The premise was: who was the first person who combined chocolate and peanut-butter?  Because it changed the world as we know it.  I think in one of the scenes, some guys tried the combo and said “Hey, let’s go tell […]

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  • Wonders upon wonders.

    For as long as I can remember, back to early elementary school, I have sung in some sort of choir during the Christmas season.  I’m sure most of you also had Christmas programs in elementary school (back when we didn’t have to say “Holiday Program” or “Winter Vacation”) and wore angel wings or shepherds robes and sang […]

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  • Living in the fray

    “I’m at the end of my rope.”  This was the text to my husband earlier this week.  He was at work and could do nothing about it.  Bless his heart, he’s so patient when I cyber-vent to him about my difficult days at home, even though he has a very busy job and often doesn’t […]

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  • Spilling guts under palm trees

    This last weekend I met up with seven girls whom I’ve known since college.  Back then we really were girls, but even fifteen years later I can’t bear to call us “women.”   We hadn’t all been in the same room since 1999. From Friday to Sunday we lounged in our chairs by the fancy […]

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