Originally posted June 10, 2012
Hey all, it will be short tonight.  We switched hotels late this afternoon to a very posh place right next to the airport (quite a ways from where we were), and there is no free internet.  You can pay $6/hour for wifi or wait in the lobby for one of two computers to be free, then use it for 20 minutes.  I chose to save my money and try to skype with the kids tomorrow morning.  🙂
Saying goodbye to the Pantip.
We decided to go to Dusit Zoo today and it was great.  The shows and scope were not as big as Safari World, but it was a really beautiful park/zoo and lots of shade.  Plus it was only 100 baht/adult to get in.  Trent and Asher got to feed elephants and a hippo for about 80 cents each.  It was a great way to pass the day.  I would highly recommend it to any traveling families.  Of course you are hot and sweaty, but it’s really a lovely place.

 Yes, that’s a hippo.  One of the deadliest animals–truly.  And for 80 cents you can put your hand in his mouth.  Of course you can.
Asher was not too excited about feeding the elephant.

As soon as we arrived at the new hotel, we were missing the Pantip.  It may be a little older hotel, but the people are lovely and amazing, and it is small enough that you really start to feel at home and just “known.”  This place is HUGE and fancy and dinner cost us 4 times as much as the moon house!
BUT, great breakthrough up in the hotel room before dinner: Asher took a bath and liked it!  We just put several inches of lukewarm water in with some toys and I put my feet in.  He warmed to the idea and ended up staying in there for 45 minutes.  It was great to see some wrinkled fingers on that boy.

Our flight leaves at 1am tomorrow night/Tuesday morning, so we need to leave here around 1030 pm tomorrow.  So we have a little over 24 hours to kill.  Fortunately, the skytrain station is within 5 minutes walking distance, so we’re actually going back into town.  Again–live and learn!  If I had to do it over again, I would have stayed at the Pantip as long as possible. Oh well.
I probably will not be able to post tomorrow since we’ll be getting ready to take off.  If I do, it will be brief. Thanks for all your support and being along with us on this journey!  Once we get back home we’re allowed to post pictures of Asher, so I’ll probably go back to my blogspot address.   Much love and thanks to all of you.