If you only read this blog and never talk to me in person, you probably think I’m an emotional wreck right now, a complete roller coaster.  Well, OK, if you’ve talked to me in person lately, you might think that too!  But today I’m feeling very joyful.  Partly for myself, b/c look at these two precious faces down there, and one more little brown-eyed boy whose picture I look at every day, and I am SO LUCKY to be a mom!  Tantrums, pukes, and broken screens included.  I do not take it for granted that I was blessed to have biological children, nor that I was called to adopt a third child.  It’s the joy of my life!
(PS: I know he looks angry, but this time he was just thinking hard about his music.)

I also can’t stop smiling today for so many other mamas right now.  My cousin Aubry endured a torturous several weeks of uncertainty as she and her husband waited to complete the adoption of their newborn twins, Casey and Carter.  And now she’s completely and utterly sleep deprived and happier than she’s ever been!  She’s the type of person who you just KNOW is going to be an amazing mother!  I wish she lived closer so I could snuggle those babies!
My sis-in-law, Jess, whom many of you prayed for, waited in agony for over a year, fightng back against the diagnosis of infertility.  Then, at the beginning of her pregnancy, she was told numerous times that it was not “viable” and that she has miscarried.  Wrong–heartbeat!  THEN, after the first trimester, there was an abnormality on an ultrasound that indicated there could be some serious genetic disorder for the baby.  But now?  Clean bill of health for mommy and my BABY NIECE!  She’s got a healthy little girlie-girl in that tummy and I shed tears of joy just thinking about it!
My friend Deirdre is in Thailand right now, and this morning she MET her daughter for the first time, in the very hotel where we will meet our son three weeks from today!  Looking at her pictures and reading her story just fills my heart with–have I already said this?– JOY!  They had a great first day with their daughter and visited her foster family.  Kind of like birth stories and referral stories, I can’t get enough of pictures and stories of when mama’s and daddy’s meet their BABIES!
So, there’s the UP for this bi-polar blogger.  Stay tuned and I’m sure I’ll have a crisis of emotions later this week.  I mean, go easy on me, it’s kind of like I’m in the ninth month of pregnancy, right?  But actually, I’m in the 26th month of pregnancy, so I’m REALLY hormonal!  ;)