Hey all!  Good news–I haven’t had an emotional meltdown this week!  I did, however, make the mistake of going into babies r us for  “just one thing” for which I had a gift card.  Turns out it’s not just for babies, there is plenty of fun stuff for toddlers, and it also reminds me of all sorts of things I still want.  Notice I didn’t say “need.”  I mean, Desitin, yogurt melts, a snuggly blanket and a new crib sheet might feel necessary, but I know in my head they are not.  Well, the Desitin is debatable.

I also make a decision that affects ALL OF YOU!  I’ve decided that starting next week, Brazenlilly is going private for a month or so.  I was going to try to blog on wordpress during our Thailand trip, b/c I can password protect it, but I’m just not very familiar with that format and it will be so much easier for me just to stick with this blog and put any pictures on here.  But I don’t feel comfortable doing that while it is public. (Our agency has told us that it’s fair game once we are home.)

You will need an email invitation from me to access the blog.  From what I understand, it’s best to have me send it to whatever email account is connected to google or blogger, so that you’ll be able to see the blog when you’re signed in.  I’m collecting a list of emails starting today, so leave a comment if you want an invite, and if you think I may not have your address, include that.  If we’re friends on FB, you can msg me there, or you can also email me at brazenlilly@hotmail.com.  But a warning…I don’t check it very often.  I’ll check it for sure next week before I start sending out the email invites and make the blog private.

Today at preschool pick-up, one of the other moms asked if we had any big plans this summer.  I just smiled and said “Yeah, you could say that.”  Oh, and by the by, we leave for Thailand two weeks from TOMORROW!  Maybe I spoke too soon…I’m feeling that emotional meltdown coming on….