We got a wonderful surprise this week.  The BabyHawk baby carrier that I have drooled over for months arrived via UPS–without a card or receipt or any indication of who purchased it for us!  I know it has to be someone who reads my blog, b/c I only ever put the registry information here!  So, one of you amazing people has saved this frustrating week of “sorry, no news” from being completely depressing.  What a wonderful, thoughtful and GENEROUS gift!  I was planning to ask for the carrier as a gift if a group of people wanted to go in on it together.  I never thought someone would take the leap and get it for us, and yet I’m so thankful and grateful!
I’m hoping that Asher weighs less than this almost-4 year old, but she let me try it out with her in it.  I tell you what–it is really comfortable!  We walked all the way around the block like this and my back didn’t hurt at all!
 Isn’t it cute too?  (But hopefully not to feminine for Trent–I’m sure he’ll have his share of carrying duties.)
 When he put it on, both kids decided they wanted to be carried.
 The first day we got it, the kids gave it a trial run. I promise no one was harmed.  Except for their dignities when I share these and other photos when they are teenagers.

To our gracious gift-giver: THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!  It’s gestures like this that truly encourage and sustain us during this long home stretch!  I can’t wait to have a picture with Asher sitting his little bum in that carrier.  :)