I usually hate it when people say that.  “It’s all good!” Sometimes they just sound like pot-smoking hippies and they are almost always saying it when “IT” is definitely not “ALL” good.  It’s kind of like “LOL” in person.  It means “This is uncomfortable and I just don’t know what else to say.”  But I’m feeling pretty pumped right now for a lot of good things happening around me–even if the one piece of news that would greatly affect me (finding out if we were presented at the Thai adoption board on Wednesday) hasn’t made it’s way to me yet!  We’ve been told to expect news next week sometime.

BUT!  In case you haven’t heard about the MIRACLE, the news that made the doctor’s jaw drop, please go RIGHT NOW to my sis-in-law’s blog, Choosing Hope.  Basically, they were told about 20 times in the last 7 weeks that there’s no way a healthy embryo is in that uterus.  BaBAM!  Ultrasound shows heartbeat and healthy embryo.  They are not out of the woods, this is still a very high-risk pregnancy, but we are thanking the Lord that He has brought them and this little life further than any medical professional predicted.  My kids have only known for 4 days and they remind me often to remember to pray for the baby in Aunt Jess’ tummy–like I could forget!  This is HUGE, people.  HUGE!

Also, I just got back a gathering of friends to love on and pray for sweet Erika who is getting ready to travel to Eastern Europe for one of THREE trips required in order to adopt their daughter, Rush.  Check out her blog and her story over on the links to the right, under Redeeming Our Daughter.  I’ll never forget when I came across the post that shares their story.  I was hooked and knew I needed to get to know this girl who went to my church, we just hadn’t met!  I loved when she said she was just looking at the pics of the children “with only the intention to pray for all these sweet faces, when I came across a photo of a little girl. From the moment I saw her, God wrote her on my heart.”  I was blessed to be a part of praying over Erika, Rush and their whole family as they make important steps (which really feels like jumping through hoops) towards bringing her into their family forever.  At least these next steps will bring them face to face with Rush, even if they can’t bring her home just yet.

Also, my Thailand people are having good things happen!  I’ve heard that relationships are stronger when forged under intense circumstances.  This explains the bond I feel to the people (OK, mostly the women–the moms, with a few male exceptions!) that I’ve met and connected with who are in the process of adopting from Thailand.  We literally “talk” almost every day.  We know each other’s deepest adoption fears, confess when we want to throw in the towel and can share when we get good news–even if the other person hasn’t.  One of those people, Angie, is in Thailand right now and has finally met and been given custody of her daughter, Lydia.  People.  This family was put through the RINGER–delays like none of us could ever have imagined.  I’m SO. HAPPY they finally have her!  Two other dear friends, Mama K and Mr. Tiger’s Mom who were forced on a nightmare roller coaster of waiting for 1st approval that lasted months–were FINALLY granted the papers they needed, and they WILL be traveling to meet their children in March!

I don’t know if our papers came through.  I don’t really understand why, in this day and age, it takes 5-6 business days to communicate the information of “yes” or “no.” But even if our family’s case was not presented and we are thrown into the waiting cycle again?  It’s OK.  And I know that I have loved ones who are still dealing with some pretty crappy stuff.  But for now, I’m not gonna dwell on that. I’m gonna dwell on the positive.  I’m sustained by all the joy I see around me–most of it is Mama Joy, which is my favorite kind.  So right now?  It’s all good.