I am blessed with amazing in-laws.  They are loving, godly, generous and kind.  And they love their grandkids!  My mother-in-law is definitely a girlie girl.  Her favorite color is pink and she’s a big fan of the manicure/pedicure.  She knows the entire family tree and life story of her favorite nail salon workers.  I’m not sure how many minutes or hours it was after we announced that our second child was a girl before she started dreaming of taking little Brazenlilly Babygirl to get all dolled up at the nail salon.
Well, that day finally arrived!  With Carson having kindergarten every day, it opened up an opportunity for Mimi to have a special day with just Sydney.  Their first stop?  Mani-Pedi!
 Mimi said that Sydney held VERY still throughout the whole ordeal (miracle) and she wouldn’t say a word.  Apparently, the workers were all smitten with this quiet and shy (haha) little redhead. 

The end result was darling!  I think Sydney thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon of pampering.  And I’m pretty sure it will not be her last.  I love that our soon-to-be middle child is the only girl, because it opens up some fun opportunities for special one-on-one time with the loving grown-ups in her life.  Thanks, Mimi!