Poor Big Brother

We’ve entered a unique set-up in the sibling situation of our household, and it is this: Sydney is more often, more work than her brother. She’s at that adorable 3 year old stage where one minute she is just beyond-words precious and funny, singing new songs, trying new dances, giving hugs and kisses. But the next minute she’s pestering, testing, pestering, testing, then throwing in complete and utter defiance (with a smug smile) just for the sake of variety. I’ve been breaking up many fights lately, and they usually start with her doing something legitimately annoying and naughty, and Carson over-reacting and freaking out in anger.

The other day Carson had just about had it, and he was in tears. He had still over-reacted, but instead of punishing him right away, I just took a minute to hug him and try to console him. I said “I know your sister can be so annoying, and I know you’re frustrated. What can we do to make you feel better?” He answered “I would just feel better if Asher was HOME.” Oh my heart! Tears sprung to my eyes at this surprising sweet, genuine comment showing his budding love for his baby brother. BUT…

…then he continued: “And I want SYDNEY to go live in THAILAND!” Okay, there it is. Back to normal. Sorry, bud, this is not an exchange situation we have going on here. Soon enough I’m sure he’ll have TWO pesky little siblings giving him reason to over-react. I never thought I’d actually look forward to sibling rivalry!