I spent Friday and Saturday helping my sisters-in-law (one for real and one practically) at their children’s consignment sale. It’s a twice-yearly event that has completely caught fire. WOW! They had an entire gymnasium crammed full of clothing, toys, gear, etc. Over 13,000 items for sale. Within 15 minutes of opening, we had two lines down the length of the gym, and it didn’t slow down for hours. It was busy and fun and tiring and worth it!
But imagine my surprise when I got home on Saturday to recharge my dead phone and saw THIS PICTURE in my messages: Those are some of our best friends in Southern California who had planned and held a garage sale for OUR Thai baby fund and kept it a secret until after the fact! The ring leaders are there in the middle–Sarah and Kipp, and their tireless helpers who worked their tails off are our dear friend Stephanie and Sarah’s parents, Nancy and Lonnie. They all collected and donated items, and worked the sale itself. I couldn’t believe it. It should not surprise you to know that I–wait for it–burst into tears.
I KNOW yard sales are a lot of work. I’m in the middle of planning and prepping for one THIS Friday! I just think it one of the most sacrificial, selfless things anyone has ever done for us! (Really for our baby, but also for us.) Did they have a few hundred bucks to give to our adoption? Nope. So they figured out a way to get it. We are so humbled and grateful!

When I talked to Sarah on the phone, the thing that I couldn’t believe was how many people helped her pull this off. She told people about our adoption–people who DON’T EVEN KNOW US–and they gladly donated items. Amazing! As each month goes by, I get more and more excited for our kiddo, knowing how loved he or she is before anyone even knows their name! That is a GIFT that I will cherish forever.

Thank you guys! We love you!