So, please don’t be mad, but we’ve decided not to post details about exactly how much money was donated to our adoption during the last couple months. Discretion?! From Brazenlilly? I know. It’s something new I’m trying out. 🙂 I want the focus to be on the God’s HUGE faithfulness and the HUGE generosity of YOU people, not the specific numbers.

I do want to tell you that we raised SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS. Can you believe that? And I will also tell you that we are fairly certain that between these donations, our own savings (and coming tax return!), and a portion of the previously awarded grant, we will be able to make the next payment (due when we receive our referral) without taking out a loan yet. This is HUGE!

I will also say that the generosity of our friends and family HUMBLES ME TO MY CORE. I’m teary just thinking about it. People were honest that it was unusual and a little surprising to be asked. But so many gave. Part of the reason I don’t want to focus on actual amounts is that it wasn’t the AMOUNT of money given by different families that was so powerful in our lives, but just the act of giving or showing support in other ways. Also, now that we have some other good friends on this adoption journey, I just don’t want to lend ourselves to comparisons, because we feel we are completely in this together.

Also? The good news is that Lifesong will continue to take tax-deductible gifts on our behalf! March 1st was just a goal date. Any donations made in our name (Tompkins #1664) can still be used to pay agency fees or to reimburse us for any adoption related expenses.
Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote about how much this whole process would cost. It was hard to face the numbers and just TRUST. In that post, I wrote:
“‘All I have needed, Thy hand will provide. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.’ I’m singing it in advance, knowing He will provide.”
More than I could possibly have asked or imagined.