Carson brought this toy (below) to me the other day and said he found it in his room, but that it belongs at Mimi’s house. (I’m sure she really wants it back.) He was genuinely confused and concerned. “How did it get here?” he asked. “I dunno,” I answered absent-mindedly. He continued, “I mean, it couldn’t’ve just WALKED here.” I thought he was being sarcastic, until he said with furrowed brow and total seriousness: “He doesn’t have any legs.” *
There has been a lot of imaginative Star Wars being played at our house. A. Lot.
Notice Jedi Carson’s precise hand gestures.

Padowan Sydney watching Master Carson’s use of his saber.

Best Star Wars Face Winner–male division.

Oh, did I mention we are composing a never-before-heard Star Wars musical? It’s a work in progress, but there’s a very peppy number they are singing here called “Jar-Jar Binx Is So Annoying.”

“Force Push”
And Best Star Wars Face Winner–female division.

Completely unrelated, we’ve been trying to eat more carrots.

See? These carrots right here.

And then there’s this: