I know it’s sometimes uncomfortable and awkward to talk about money, but talking and asking is the only way we’ll get through this, so I want to keep you informed of our progress. Most people have been completely understanding, gracious and generous about the financial aspect of this, and you have no idea HOW MUCH THAT MEANS TO US!

We’ve had a mixed bag of news and information lately regarding our funding of this adoption. FYI, we have an $11,500 payment due at the referral of our child, we have been told to anticipate about $10,000 in travel expenses, and then another couple grand for legal fees once our child is home.

We have applied for adoption grant assistance from three different non-profit ministries, and we have plans for 2 more actual fundraisers. About a month ago, we found out that we received a “promised grant” from one of the smaller organizations. YEAH! Upon the referral of our child (hopefully in June) we will receive that grant. The money can go straight towards our agency to make a dent in the referral payment, or it can be used towards travel expenses. We are overwhelmed with gratitude!

Last week we got some bad news. We found out that there was not enough funds for our family to receive a “matching grant” from Lifesong for Orphans. To be honest, this was extremely disappointing. It has been our intention all along to send out fundraising letters in January, and we know from experience how motivating it is for friends and family to give, knowing that every dollar they give will be matched! I was hoping that would add another couple thousand dollars, but it was not meant to be.

However, Lifesong for Orphans (a name you will see often over the next couple of months on this blog!) is committed to helping families pursue God’s will of caring for orphans through adoption, and although they cannot match funds, they are coming alongside of us as our fundraising partners. They have set up a fund in our name and our friends and family can make TAX DEDUCTABLE donations to their ministry in our name, starting right now. 100% of the monies donated goes directly to our family’s fund–none is taken out for administrative costs. That fund can be used to cover any adoption related expenses (with proper documentation!) and also can be used to make payments directly to our agency.

Today I received some more disappointing news. Our local Applebee’s restaurant has provided the venue for a pancake breakfast fundraiser for some other families in our church. They were to raise money for large medical payments or health crises. I inquired about doing one for our adoption fund, and the request was denied. The manager checked with the regional authorities and this cause did not fit their community outreach goals. 🙁

But we do plan to do another garage sale in June. I can’t imagine it will be as lucrative as the last garage sale, but we’re going to give it a shot.

Also, this week President Obama extended the adoption tax credit through 2012, so that was great news for us! We highly anticipate having to take out a loan to pay for some of this, and then hopefully we can use the tax credit to pay most or all of it back.

Overall, we continue to stand encouraged. We have one more grant to hear about, from Show Hope. The Lord has guided and watched over and blessed our journey so far, we are determined to keep our eye on the finish line (which is really the STARTING line!) and continue towards bringing our baby home.

We’re not officially starting our push, but we do know that if anyone is needing a bit of extra write-offs before year end, you can make those tax-deductable gifts through paypal at http://www.lifesongfororphans.org/donation.html and be sure to include that the purpose is Tompkins Adoption fund, #1664.

Thanks to all of you who are still walking this path with us, asking questions, praying, buying Christmas cards, giving encouragement and so many other ways you show your support. Thanks in advance for your patience when we do another big fundraising bonanza next month! 🙂