Last night our countdown activity was to put our paint handprints on a canvas. We missed doing this last year (oversight), but we still have the one from 2008, and it’s fun to see how their hands have grown. I tend to get a little, uh, particular in how I want the prints and where the kids can go when they have paint covering their hands! So I was overseeing the project and Trent picked up the camera. He just wasn’t fast enough to get Sydney, since he was helping Carson wash the paint off of his hands and the places he had “accidentally” touched on his way to the bathroom sink.
But my control freak ways paid off this time! I love it.

Coincidentally, earlier in the day I let the kids paint and Sydney was already embracing the “paint on the hand” plan. She has so coated her skin there wasn’t a flesh-colored speck to be found! As I was taking this pic, the brush in her right hand was coloring in her hair. 🙂