We are, like most people this time of year, feeling really busy! I’ve been making lots of Christmas cards, which is really fun for me and a fundraiser for our adoption! Check out the link on the right if you are interested. So, blogging hasn’t felt like a priority. But I thought I would post a few pics from our shoot in case you didn’t go look through the entire gallery, which I’m sure only a few of you did!
I KNOW, right? This was one of the first ones I saw and I love, love, love it. This is how I want to remember this time of life. When this was taken, they were literally knocking me over, but I just had to laugh. (Plus, I knew if I snapped the picture would be bad and the kids’ mood would sour.)

She finally loosened up as our hour came to a close. This was one of the last pictures taken.

And this one pretty much speaks for itself.