Last night I had a total moment of euphoria. Like, “get your fake camera out and say ‘click’ to preserve this memory for all time” kind of moment.

I was sitting on the couch with Carson and Sydney–both freshly bathed and nearing bedtime. Carson was playing the Toy Story Wii game with the volume down, Sydney was in the middle, eating goldfish, and I was reading a magazine. It was pretty quiet for a while there.

I came across something that amused me and I did the backwards-sniff-chuckle. Know which one I’m talking about? Mouth closed and you kind of lightly laugh by blowing air out of your nose a few times? You know you’re trying it right now.

Without taking her eyes off of her goldfish, Sydney mimicked that sound perfectly and then looked over and smiled at me.

Which, of course, made me grin and do it again, louder.

Which, of course, made Carson look over and try it too. And then Sydney. And then me again. And pretty soon we were not laughing through our noses anymore, but full on busting a gut and doubled over laughing at each other. Some goldfish may or may not have been spit out on the couch. The magazine absolutely did get dropped. Woody froze in his steps on the screen. While we laughed and laughed. And no one had said a word.

It was hilarious.

It was perfect.