[I meant to post this last week, but I got food poisoning! At least I’m assuming that’s what it was. Either that or some strange intestinal bug that made me violently vomit for 24 hours straight. Fun! I was completely useless for packing day and open house night, and then the next morning I gingerly made my way back into the world of solids just in time to go camping for 4 days. That’s my excuse.]
After many installments of Carsonisms, I’m pleased to present the very first edition of:
Sydneyisms! Miss Syd has arrived late to the talking game, and is still finding her vocab voice. Many of these words and phrases I’ve only pieced together through repeated context, as they sound absolutely nothing like the word she is attempting. But we are making strides daily! I have a strict rule about imitating baby talk in person, but I bend the rules when writing it out phonetically for YOU to sound out. Here are a few Sydneyisms, in addition to normal words that she can pronounce clearly:


I wah= I walk [put me down]

I do!=I’ll do it myself!

Baby=doll or human infant, usually Kaitlyn or Wyatt

Abby= Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street or our friend Abby Grace

Wah=Abby Cadabby’s wand

Uh= said in conjunction with a person means “I want” ie: “uh-Dada” or “uh-Jojo”

peeze=please, (of course)

I yuyumo= I love you more

apapammm= a popsicle

uhfwee=shoes (Not kidding. This one stumps us but it extremely consistent.)


ah-gah=all done

I ha= I had it first [not Carson]

I hit=I want to sit here. You move.
home= I want to go somewhere other than where we are–if we ARE at home, it means she wants to leave


Although she speaks like someone 6 months younger than her, Sydney is visibly trying to imitate words we pronunce for her and trying out her consonants all the time. Our favorite mumbles she does is when she “prays” for dinner and “counts” to ten. It’s basically just cute little squeaky grunts, but she copies our inflection perfectly.


Here’s some pictures from a lazy day last week with our little talker. And no, as a matter of fact, I don’t trust her inside with a popsicle, nor do I trust her to wear a shirt. I can only afford so much Oxyclean stain-remover, people.

I yuyumo, Birdie.