**UPDATE: The flower planter already sold! Seriously! Let’s just say a supportive and flower-loving family member happened to see it in person and talked her husband into it. 🙂 But I have to keep this post up to prove that I blogged this week. I’m considering it the first $200 towards our yard sale! HOORAY! Thank you, Mimi and Papa. And thank you, Chuck and Carol!
OK, I’m just throwing this out there. Remember this awesome flower planter? The one on my front porch?

See this GORGEOUS planter?! My Aunt Carol and Uncle Chuck MADE this! They made the first one for me last year, and this year, they made a whole new one and filled it with new soil and tons of new fresh flowers that will continue to grow and bloom like crazy.


They have donated it for us to sell to raise money for our adoption fund! Despite my selfish desires to keep it, I’m putting the word out prior to our yard sale to try to increase our chances of selling. The planter is incredibly sturdy, hand-made out of cedar and redwood, treated with linseed oil. It should last a long, long time! The flowers (if watered!) will bloom and cascade throughout the summer and into fall.

Due to the high quality (and value of all the plants!) they have suggested we start with a price (donation) of $200. Speak up if you are interested, because I’m putting it on craigslist tomorrow!
I know you are tempted!
Remember–it’s for a really good cause. 🙂
And I’ll deliver anywhere in the Willamette Valley!
(After our yard sale is over.)