My friend Rory sent me an email this morning with a link to this website.
As I scrolled down, my eye caught this picture below, and I was frozen. I recognized the outline of Thailand immediately, and I was glued to the gorgeous fabric and how stunning it looked on the stark black. I felt this wonderful–relatively new–feeling that can best be described as ownership. Kind of like–“Thailand! Yes! That’s me! My baby is there!”
Then I saw the words above this picture, written by the artist, which said “This is for Rory in Oregon, who ordered this for a good friend who is adopting from Thailand.” You will probably not be surprised to know that I burst into tears. This beautiful image is a symbol of a beautiful gesture that is so not lost on me. Rory and Lee have a huge heart for adoption–having been halfway through the process TWICE, then the Lord keeps surprising them with bio babies! 🙂 Thank you both for this amazing gift. I cherish it already. My baby is there. And you KNOW that I would feel that way, and handpicked this for me. Wow.
I’m thinking that our whole family will soon be sporting similar versions.