Quick post.

In the last few months, I’ve seen some amazing ways that people are supporting us and our adoption. I wanted to give you a few examples.

First, prayer and moral/verbal support. It has been felt! I love when someone is truly interested and excited for us. Friends wrote us letters telling us their heart for adoption, others ask insightful questions, and many answer our specific prayer requests when we share them. Some dear friends have answered long reference questionnaires and some watched our kids while we attended adoption prep classes. I also have loved getting to know the adoptive community, especially fellow Thai-adoptive families. They have been awesome.

Money. Yep. Hate to say it, but it helps. A LOT! We wouldn’t be as far as we are already without money and we’ll need more. Our first donation online was $10 from a college friend, and it melted my heart. Another family runs a restaurant, and in case you haven’t heard, small-businesses aren’t exactly in their economic prime. This family has promised to give us the cash they get each month from returning cans and bottles. Others have given more generously than I ever imagined. It’s humbling to say the least.

Garage sale. This will be our first official fund-raiser. A garage/yard sale at our house on June 4-5. Some people have been collecting items for weeks to donate for OUR profit. Others find out about the sale and have something to donate within minutes. One couple had the husband take a vacation day so the wife could come help me run the sale. (Since we forgot to have MY husband take a vacation day, and now it’s too late.) Some have offered to help me price/organize/work at the sale. I’m still stressed about it (we’ve never hosted a garage sale!) but the offers of help are a total answer to prayer!

So, here’s a quick THANK YOU to everyone who fits into these categories and the other supportive ways I haven’t even mentioned. We feel loved and supported, even as we face the fact that we are SO at the beginning of this adventure. God is demonstrating His faithfulness THROUGH you. And…if you’re in the area on June 4-5, STOP BY AND SHOP!