A little over a year ago, I posted about my new special camera that was small and pink and just for me. I guarded it vigilantly. For several months. In the past few, however, I’ve gotten a little lax in my camera rules, and Carson has also become more stealth in “borrowing” the camera without my knowledge. Fortunately, he always leaves a little piece of evidence behind: And, obviously, I can’t say that I’m always completely unaware, just focused on something else and in no mood to have a camera in my face or stop my conversation to have a battle over the camera.

Fortunately, there is a strawberry-headed muse that is always available and usually a willing model for the portraits.

If I were collecting evidence, this photo is as good as a time stamp. It was taken between 9:41 and 9:55 am on a weekday.

And this one was taken between 12:45 and 1:30pm. Naptime!

I debated whether or not to post this one of my (usually) handsome husband, because it honest-to-goodness might give me nightmares.

Speaking of evidence, this shot of me at the computer with an unmade bed and a room full of laundry behind me would be fairly incriminating. (Is it dirty, needing to be washed? Clean, needing to be folded? It could be either.)

This one was a bit of a shock. First, it is clear that we are leaving the house and Carson was sitting in his carseat before I got in. THAT is extremely rare. I had no idea he took the camera into the car at all. And I love that I can see the array of pennies on the console, from the day before when we emptied Carson’s piggy bank to buy chocolate milk at Starbucks. Those were the leftover pennies. They stayed on that console for about 10 days before I broke down and cleaned them up.
Aw, gee, what a cute little mischief-maker he is. Maybe he’ll use his talent for fortune and fame some day. Or maybe he’ll just like pictures like I do!