I haven’t been getting very many sub jobs lately, AND I’ve been sick, AND Trent’s been working some long hours, AND we’re on a really tight budget, so I’ve been feeling the HOME part of being a stay-at-home mom this week. I’m blessed and I know it. As the saying goes: Lord, grant me the patience to deal with my blessings. 🙂
The dynamic between my two squirrels is getting more and more complicated. Multiple times a day they are the best of friends. But then…well, you can guess. I’m working with Sydney on what it means to “Leave Carson alone,” and “Keep your hands to yourself.” I’m working with Carson on speaking in a kind voice, even when he’s mad, even when his sister is pinching him, even when she is smooshing her body up against his on the couch, pressing her nose into his cheek to get his attention. It’s kind of funny if it didn’t escalate so quickly and so often. Today I heard him say: “SYDNEY! Keep your hand–keep your fee—KEEP YOUR BODY TO YOURSELF, Sydney! Keep your BODY TO YOURSELF!”
Here’s a little random picture montage that tells a little story. I will translate the children’s inner monologue.
Sydney: Look at me! I’m a little angel! I asked mommy with my adorable sign language if I could eat this granola bar on the couch and she said yes! And one of the chocolate chips already melted on my white shirt! I’m SO adorable!
Carson: This is the best day ever! [Editor’s note: that was an actual quote.] Jojo got me a dragon in my Happy Meal AND a pen that has a light and quacks! I wonder how many times I can make this duck quack before my mom rips it out of my hands and threatens to throw it in the garbage again?
Both children: Ho-hum. La-di-da. Getting kinda bored.
Sydney: Hmmm, I wonder what would happen….
Sydney:…if I just took my finger and poked Carson veeeeeery lightly, but for a reeeeeeally long time?

You’ll notice there are no pictures, because the scene became volatile, and the camera was removed to an elevated place of safety.

Another recent occurence at the T household: our DVD player died. RIP. No, we will not be replacing it with a Blu Ray. No, we did not even have the cash on hand to replace it with a regular one. Yes, I did have plans to buy one on Craigslist for $15. But then we found out that Trent gets to choose from a list of gifts for completing 5 years of work at the Hospital. Guess what one of the gifts was? Yep. It came in the mail yestserday. I’m sure it is of the HIGHEST quality and will last us well into retirement.
But while we waited, this was our DVD watching method:
Evidently, the movie made him angry, or maybe he was reliving the situation earlier with his sis.

Left over frosting + graham cracker + 22 months = happiness.

Today we all sat down and had a lovely and civil time at the table doing some coloring.

And by “civil,” I mean Carson was wearing nothing but his unders, natch.

And by “lovely time”

I mean approximately 20 seconds before Birdie was done with being artsy craftsy.

I can’t say I love every minute, but I DO love my day job, and am so grateful for my little employers.