These special loveys that my mom has made for the kids have turned out to be quite the must-have item in their lives. The supersoft fabric she uses for them is called “minkee” fabric, which is how we got the name Minky (I kinda changed the spelling to suit my tastes.) When Carson was not even yet 2, I asked her to make a back-up in case we lost the precious original, but it was too late. Minky #1 was already loved down to a dull, stinky layer, having been soaked with tears, sweat, snot and drool. The new, bright, soft Minky #2 was just much too different for him to accept.
Carson at 18 months. Sydney’s Minky (aka Pinky Minky) has become just as important to her. It is absolutely her comfort item and sleep-cue. She doesn’t realize this, but this is actually Pinky Minky 2.0. Her original was lost in the December 2008 Snowstorm, when this housebound family thought it would be fun to trek through the blizzard to the bus stop for an excursion downtown. We went almost a month without Pinky, but since Sydney was only 6 months old, we were able to fool her and get by until the replacement was lovingly made. So, here’s to our precious Minkies and the precious grandma who made them!
Sydney at 13 months.