We had a crazy, fun weekend with our friends who were visiting from So. Cal. Sarah was single-momming it with Tanner (2) and Peyton (5 months). We all crashed in our teeny house and totally made it work, despite it being HOT. The four days were full of fun, but didn’t feel too busy. These pictures are totally out of order because even though I know how to post them all backwards so that they will be displayed in chronological order, that required more brain power than I was willing to exert this morning. Sarah took more/better pictures than I did, so hopefully when she gets back home from Seattle, she’ll post some. One of the best parts of our weekend was that we went to Winema for 2 days, but I forgot my camera, of course. So, just imagine all 7 of us staying in a borrowed RV, a perfect day on the Oregon coast, good late-night talks with JJ, and Tanner falling and/or bonking his head about 116 times.
One of the days we went to Wilsonville to meet up with Sarah’s dear friends who recently moved to OR. We met them at this amazing little fountain park, where we stayed for hours. Ryan and Elise brought a portable canopy which made the outing go from fun to perfect. Here’s Tanner, Pey-pey, Syd-syd and Carson. This is the fountain/steps/river.

The kids (although none managed to get into this picture) were all over the place, letting balls and boats and toys float all the way down the teeny waterfalls. It’s mostly about 3 inches deep, but never gets more than about 6 inches.
Even Sydney didn’t mind crawling on the concrete, because the water felt so good.

Speaking of Sydney, we saw a new side of her personality come out this weekend: jealousy! Carson was quite besotted with Peyton, and was very sweet with her. But Sydney felt the need to remind Baby Peyton that SHE is the princess in this house!“That’s MY brother.” Obviously, Peyton was able to push back a little. Girl fight!
(I kid.) On a different day, we went downtown to ride on the carousel, where I got exactly zero good pictures of the boys in their matching outfits.

We did check out the new fountains at the park, which were fun, but nothing compared to the Wilsonville fountain.

I did get the girl’s matching outfits. Cuteness, no?! Also, behold, the only picture I got of Sarah. What a horrible friend I am! You’ll just have to trust me that she looks fantastic! She’s lost all her Peyton baby weight and is on track to get even smaller!

Sydney got over her jealousy long enough to give Peyton a head massage.Again with the massages. Did I mention it was hot? That’s why the girls are so scantily clothed.
We hung out at home, played in the pool, talked, laughed, scolded, rolled our eyes, watched high school musical and laughed some more.
Here is Trent telling Tanner that he has to wait a few years to date Sydney.