My last 2 posts have been very wordy, so I reminded myself to take some pictures this morning to post. Carson recently earned a new big boy bike by filling a sticker chart for things like eating all his dinner, having a good quiet time, helping mommy, using kind words & controlling anger. OK, that last column wasn’t quite full, but it was close. We got him a bike that is actually a tad bit big, but we’re hoping it will last for at least 2 summers. Today, I threw the bike and the stroller in the odyssey (LOVING THE MINIVAN!) and drove downtown to this park area with a great foot bridge. It was a blast! The bridge is huge and Carson was hesitant at first, but he did great.
The weather was warm and overcast & perfect for a walk/ride. Sydney was her usual self. CHILL.
It’s actually been so nice with Carson riding the bike, because taking a walk can actually kind of be exercise for me! With him walking, it was just to slow to even get my heartrate up.
Cool bridge, huh?

Make yourself at home there, girl.

This bridge is really long–there is hardly an incline on either side. But when we looked down on the other side of the river, there was a small beach area. When we kept going, the bridge covered a big wooded area, which Carson called “the jungle.” Here’s him in action, rocking the new wheels!