We had a great weekend at what we decided we would call the first annual grown-ups only getaway with our great friends. We stayed in a house overlooking the beach and we had great coversation, played games, slept, ate a LOT, watched movies, and cheered valiantly for our Blazers. We missed our kids, but truly relished the relaxing weekend. We didn’t have to change any poopy diapers and we had interesting and deep coversations that were not interrupted every 30 seconds. I don’t have a lot of pictures, but here’s a few from some of our walks on the beach.
Look at all these “hot married guys”! (This is how a rather intoxicated young lady referred to them at the McMennamins where we were watching the game.) My favorite hot married guy.
The beginning of goofing off at the beach. Doesn’t it look like Trent’s about to do a backflip? (He’s not.)

Mike dragged (drug?) this long board over to the log for a homemade seesaw.

“OK, sis, you stay right there. I’m sure this is perfectly safe.”

Almost got it…

….but, no.

On to another fun toy made out of beach scraps.

Here’s Becky educating Ms. Canada and Mr. Encyclopedia that there are more than one haystack rocks in Oregon.

I’m hoping some of the others will post better pics.
We had a wonderful time with these friends. I love being around people you know so well that they look beyond your quirks and find your endearing qualities. The time just flies. We feel blessed to have friends who encourage one another in our marriages, our faith and especially this parenting adventure we’ve all embarked on. Can’t wait for the second annual!