Tuesday update:
OK, this will be the last post dedicated to this, I promise! Or no one will check my blog ever again. Just a couple things: someone reminded me to tell you that these do not have to go directly on walls. They also work well on frames, wood MDF boards, etc. In fact, THIS is by far the most popular item in the catalog, because you can change the expressions often and you don’t have to put them on your wall.
And as promised, here is one more discount offer, in addition to the BOGO, which lasts through March. The first person to email me the answer to this question will get $10 off their order. Email it to the address found on my website.
In the ONLINE CATALOG, what is the very last expression under the Boy Bedroom category?

And here is yesterday’s post for those who missed it:
One of my business experiments has been selling Uppercase Living designs. I am so crazy about this stuff, I think I’m pretty much using all my profits to just buy more for our house. It’s a bit of an addiction, I’m afraid. These are 2 of my favorites in the kids’ rooms. The daisy one is the design that got me completely hooked.These are vinyl designs (kind of like stickers!) that you rub onto your wall to totally change the look of a room. You can also put them on wood, glass, plastic, fabric, canvas…anything fairly smooth. They don’t damage the wall in anyway, and can be removed at anytime. (But not reused.)
I had mentioned that since all my blog friends and readers can’t all be together in my living room, I was going to have a “blog party” and invite anyone who is interested to place an order. Even if you live far away, I’d be glad to mail you your order. Just check out the online catalog and email me. If you live near me, I could also get you a hard copy catalog.The blog party plan kind of went by the wayside, but then I found out that there is a pretty good sale going on right now, and I figured this was as good a time as any!
For the month of March, buy any UL item and get a second one 1/2 off. Since I found out about these products last year, I’ve never seen any kind of discount other than for hostesses, so this is rare. It applies to anything in the catalog, and it is unlimited. (Do I need to say it’s 1/2 off an item of equal or lesser value? Hope not.)

So, if you are at all interested, take a look at the catalog and my web page. Email me with questions and I can give you more details.

As with this picture below, you can also go online & design your own expression, choosing the font color and size, and see what it’s going to look like with your wall color.

This sale and these products are open to ANYONE who stumbles on this blog, even if you are a silent reader and would never dream of commenting. Just send me a private email and you don’t have to write publicly 🙂 My information is on MY WEBSITE.
Check it out!