It hasn’t been hard to make friends here in Salem, since we moved about a year and a half ago. It has been hard to make GOOD friends. It’s hard to leave a place where family are your friends and friends become family. It’s easy enough for me to meet other moms, but to really connect with them, let alone if our kids like each other or our husbands connect–that’s another story. A couple weeks ago, I found out another friend down here that I really like and want to spend more time with is moving. She’s the fourth friend I’ve made here that has moved away! There are some awesome gals that I look forward to getting to know better, and I know that deep friendships take time. I’m not lonely by any means, just trying to be patient.
So, in light of these observations about making friends after a move, it has been such a blessing to reconnect with a couple we went to college with. We just had dinner with them last night and I told them that I TRY not to mention first and last names in the same blog post to preserve a little identity security. But those of you who know Seth and Christi from PCC, you don’t need me to type their last name. They live in a nearby town where Seth is an associate pastor at a small church. We weren’t close with either of them at school, but always liked them. Christi was my RA one year and she was good friends with my roommate, Kelli, so we spent some time together. But I’m so grateful God placed them in our lives at this time, b/c we really seem to click with them as a couple, which is way harder than finding another girl friend, don’t you think? Our boys are about a year apart, but get along pretty well. I wanted to post a picture of their cute family. Their kids’ names are Isaiah and Ivy. As you can see, the kids were not amused at all by my photo request. So, here’s to making new friends, keeping the old ones, and making new friends OUT OF old ones. 🙂