Just in case you need a post that does not use the words “undies,” “poop” “potty” and “pee,” here’s a change of pace. (Not that I get any such reprieve.)
As previously mentioned, last Saturday we had a great day, with both of our families coming to our house for a Father’s Day celebration and family work day. It was really fun. We got a great deal on a swingset and have been excited to get it set up, but knew it would require lots of help that a 9 month pregger could not provide. Trent worked hard to get all the materials organized before most of the workers came. (There are 21 “phases” to set this thing up!)
Here’s Handywoman Jojo jumping in.
I don’t know if you can see, but that’s Mimi (Gma Tompkins), Gpa Roy and Gpa Phil, Uncle Chad and Trent doing some of the complicated direction-following.Aunt Tara supervising.Aunties Jess and Michelle also pitching in with the Carson-entertaining, which is not a small task.Uncle Mike, Aunt Becky and Jack came a little late but definitely pulled their weight. (Except Jack–he was merely for entertainment purposes.)We started getting excited at this point! It’s looking like this might happen!

Then, it was time for the inaugural climb and slide! Looks like we have a winner.

On an unrelated note, I have to toot my own horn and say that I made one of my all-time favorite summer desserts. These are brownie ice-cream sandwiches WITH Magic Shell, and they are, in my humble opinion, to die for. The picture doesn’t do them justice. YUM! I knew that I wouldn’t feel like doing all that work for the rest of the summer, so I’d better make them now!