Wow, thanks for all your sweet comments on the last post. If I could have foreseen that I might have gained 30 pounds, cut my hair and whined about it a long time ago. 😉

Sorry, one more pregnancy post this week. Another symptom I have had in both pregnancies is that I have really bizarre and random dreams, and I remember them more clearly than normal. With Carson in utero, I specifically remember JJ and I being chased through a huge house by a sweet older woman in my choir who slightly resembles the grandma on the Tweety Bird cartoons. She was chasing us with a gigantic shotgun.

This time there have been some wierd ones, but last night I had a dream about Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor. Now, it was nothing really scandalous, but there was some definite school-girl-like adoration on my part in the dream. I guess I do find him attractive, partly because I’ve seen (on other venues) that he is really funny. Don’t worry–I told Trent. But seriously, how random is that?