36 weeks.

I am so, so hot. No, don’t worry, I haven’t had a 180 in my self-esteem since the short hair cut, I mean I am so freaking HOT all the time I have new empathy for menapausal women and all people who live in Arizona. I cannot seem to regulate my body temperature and it’s kind of amusing if you think about it, because naturally I tend to feel much colder than Trent and we are always disagreeing about the covers on the bed or the temp in the house. Things have changed now! I want the ceiling fan cranked up high and lay in shorts and a tank top throwing the covers off like they are hurting me, while he snuggles up under the layers. I also open the freezer and stick my head in for a couple seconds about a dozen times a day.

Whoa…funny thing just happened. Our computer desk has a pull-out keyboard shelf, and in order to get up close to it, my huge belly is resting/pushing on the edge. Sydney just kicked so hard it scooted the shelf forward while my hands weren’t even touching it. Weird!

Also, good news from last dr visit. I actually lost a pound in three weeks! Don’t worry all you “Don’t diet! You’ll hurt the baby!” people, I am NOT dieting. (Have I mentioned Magic Shell?) It probably was the stomach bug. Sydney is perfectly fine according to every measurable test. The other good news is that because of the ultrasound measurement and the fact that although Carson was “on time” it turns out he was actually late, my doc said that if Syd is not here on time, she’ll only wait as long as July 8th to induce. I really like having that date in my mind! Don’t get me wrong….June 28 still sounds better, but at least it’s not indefinite. There is an end in sight. Now? We wait….